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Watch our range of films that will help show why some children are institutionalised, the impact to them and their parents through separation, the systems that need to change and what Lumos is doing to support families and reform care systems.


Children need Families not Orphanages

An animation narrated by J.K. Rowling
“A child’s life is so much more than the sum of its parts ‐ and the love a family brings holds everything together. From the very beginning, a child thrives on individual care and attention. A baby quickly forges a bond with loving parents - and because of this bond the brain develops with remarkable speed and complexity. But this picture of childhood can be a fragile one. Conflict and disaster can destroy the foundations of family life… once a child enters an orphanage, a very different picture of childhood can emerge.”
Listen to Lumos Founder and President J.K. Rowling talk about the impact of life in an orphanage in our new animated film, Children Need Families Not Orphanages. Help us change lives, donate today