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In Our Lifetime

Date Published: 16/09/15
Read in: English
How donors can end the institutionalisation of children
Purpose of the report With concerted effort and the right investments, the institutionalisation of children could end globally by 2050. Donors play a vital role in making this a reality and in influencing other stakeholders on the ground, especially those who are resistant to reform.
This report provides donors with the information they need to make informed decisions about investments and funding in relation to the institutionalisation of children, which is known to be harmful to their health, development and future life chances. It encourages donors to review funding procedures to ensure that they are strengthening families through reforming community-based services and not inadvertently funding institutional care.
The report contains examples of both good and poor practices to demonstrate what works and what to avoid – donor ‘traps’. It puts forward recommendations to assist donors in planning the use of funds in countries that rely heavily on institutions for vulnerable children.