Lumos pledges that 100% of donations received in both the UK and the USA will go directly towards funding our programmes. To find out more about the 100% pledge click here.

If you are donating from elsewhere in the world you can donate to Lumos using any currency. Your account will be debited in your home currency but you need to state how much you would like to give in GBP or USD. Please use the currency converter to check the amount you would like to give.

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make a monthly donation

Donating every month to Lumos helps us transform the lives eight million children living in institutions and so-called orphanages – the vast majority of whom have living parents and could be reunited with their families, given the right support. Thank you for your continued support. 

make a single donation

Every penny or cent that you donate to Lumos makes a difference. £5 can pay for the materials a child needs to go to school in the local community, £25 can pay  for a teacher to be trained on inclusive education and £100 can help pay for a foster family to be recruited and trained to look after children.