Donating to Lumos Foundation USA and Lumos helps us transform the lives of children living in institutions. Lumos pledges that 100% of donations received in both the UK and the USA will go directly towards funding our programmes. To find out more about the 100% pledge click here.

If you would like to donate to Lumos Foundation USA by check, please mail to: Lumos Foundation USA Inc, c/o W. DiMichele, 557 Broadway, New York, 10012, USA

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make a monthly donation

Donating every month to Lumos Foundation USA helps us transform the lives eight million children living in institutions and so-called orphanages – the vast majority of whom have living parents and could be reunited with their families, given the right support. 

make a single donation

Every penny or cent that you donate to Lumos makes a difference. £5 can pay for the materials a child needs to go to school in the local community, £25 can pay  for a teacher to be trained on inclusive education and £100 can help pay for a foster family to be recruited and trained to look after children.