Across the world eight million children are living in orphanages and institutions and, as a result, they are outside the care of a loving family. Indeed, most of these children have families that could look after them with the right support. Help us bring them home.

Counting an unknown number of children currently left behind

Lumos, together with our partners, and Global Alliance for Children, supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Atlantic Philanthropies and the Permanent Mission of the United Arabic Emirates is bringing together experts, government representatives, donors and civil society organisations to come up with a solution to solve this problem. We believe that not only it is necessary to start counting all children, it is also possible. Using modern technology, bringing together innovators and traditionalists, we will be able to develop a solution that works for all children. We'll be asking supporters to get involved with our campaign pre-event, read more about how you can help and take action


all children count but not all are counted #leavenoonebehind

The new Sustainable Development Goals, which replaced the Millennium Development Goals, include strong targets to reduce violence against children, improve health, nutrition and access to education, and many other aspects in life that are important in a child’s development. World leaders agreed that the new development agenda would “leave no one behind”. Yet, as it stands, the new Goals will leave children living without parents and outside families, in institutions or orphanages, very far behind. In September 2015, we joined an advocacy movement to call on the United Nations and its member states to change this. To date, this joint open letter has been signed by over 250 organisations, NGOs, academics, and others from around the world, and the movement keeps growing.