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Première Conférence Nationale sur la Traite des Personnes en Haïti Dr. Ely THELOT, Président du Comité National de Lutte contre la Traite des Personnes en Haïti 23/06/2017
Ce mercredi 21 Juin 2017, nous avons procédé au lancement de la Première Conférence Nationale sur la Traite des Personnes en Haïti. 
Le Comité national  se propose de...
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First National Conference on Trafficking in Persons in Haiti Dr. Ely Thelot, President of the National Committee for the Fight against Trafficking in Persons 23/06/2017
On Wednesday 21 June 2017, we launched the first National Conference on the Trafficking in Persons in Haiti.
The National Committee aims to address a huge challenge:...
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Written by Nancy Maguire, Children & Youth Participation Cordinator at Lumos
Most of us take for...
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Lumos’ Principles of Child and Youth Participation In celebration of Youth Participation Month 2017 07/06/2017
In celebration of Youth Participation Month 2017, we asked Nancy, Child & Youth Participation Coordinator at Lumos, to provide her ten key principles for youth participation that...
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Child care reform in India, one sixth of world population, has regional and global significance India commits to counting children outside homes and families as it shifts away from institutions 17/05/2017

A blog from Ian Anand Forber-Pratt, Leading campaigner for childcare reform in India.  

Over the last decade, Ian Anand Forber-Pratt has been at the forefront of...

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It’s done. It’s over, I survived and two days later my legs are feeling like they might return to their former state. 
It was very hard. Harder than I thought it would...
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There are only a few days to go before the London Marathon and from this point on it is ‘recovery’ before the race: short training runs combined with strength and conditioning work for my poor...

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“Working as a self-advocate is an opportunity to change something” An interview with Verča, a Lumos-supported self-advocate from the Czech Republic 13/04/2017
Why did you decide to work with Lumos?

It all started when we brought my sister from the institution she had been living in to be fostered by my family, and then we both joined in the...

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4 Weeks To Go A marathon update from Louise 28/03/2017

Well I have to say that this has come around far quicker than I expected it to! I’ve been training for the London Marathon for nearly three months and I have another four weeks to go before race...

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Incomplete data fails millions of the world’s most vulnerable children Written by Merel Krediet, Advocacy and Campaigns Officer 07/03/2017

THE UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promise to ‘leave no-one behind’ but gaps in global data mean some of the most vulnerable of the world’s population – children living outside...

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I’ve worked for the Lumos Communications Team in London for nearly three years. During this time, I’ve worked on numerous campaigns, but when a London Marathon place came up and I was given the...
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As we plan to celebrate this festive season with our families, please spare a thought for the estimated 8 million children who are in institutions worldwide. For many, Christmas is just another...

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Only together can adults and children make sure children’s lives are fulfilled and supported Closing speech of self-advocate Mihaela Ivanova at #AlternativeCare2016 05/10/2016
At #AlternativeCare2016, Lumos self-advocate Mihaela Ivanova gave her concluding remarks to assembled delegates on the final day fo the conference. These are her words....
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"Hello and welcome to this very special gala performance of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! I’m not going to detain you long and there will be no spoilers. I really couldn’t be prouder of what...

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Learning the truth about Haitian Orphanages Written by Jamie McMutrie, Co-Founder of Haitian Families First 25/08/2016

Written by Jamie McMutrie, Co-Founder of Haitian Families First

I first travelled to Haiti in 2003, age 22, as a volunteer and found...

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Remembering a great champion of the rights of disabled people in the UK, Lord Rix By Sir Roger Singleton Managing Director of Lumos 25/08/2016

By Sir Roger Singelton, Managing Director of Lumos 

I was saddened to hear recently of the death of my old friend –...

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Ensuring the Right to a Family for Every Child Young people's address to the participants at an international conference in Moldova 02/06/2016


In May 2016, self-advocates from both Lumos and Partnerships for Every Child child-participation groups devised and delivered an address to an international conference, celebrating...
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By Aneta Teneva, Lumos Child Participation Officer, Bulgaria
Veliko’s story did not begin in 2012, but this was the year that a new door opened...
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By George Nikolaidis, Advocacy and Networking Consultant for Lumos in Greece.
It is beyond...
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by Lumos Czech Republic Director Petra Kacirkova.
The basic principle in making judgements in the...
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By Roger Singleton, Managing Director or Lumos

Across the globe, an estimated eight million children live in...
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By Irina Malanciuc, Lumos Country Director, Republic of Moldova

Education is essential to child development, not only...

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by Lumos Czech Republic Director ...

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By Gillian Huebner, U.S. Director of Policy and Advocacy.

"I lived for five years in an institution. The time I spent there seemed like an eternity. I felt like I was in a dark maze where...

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By Gillian Huebner, Lumos US Director of Policy and Advocacy. 

On Orphan Sunday, November 8th, churches and congregations across the United States and the world will join in prayer and...

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