Zero Project 2015: Veliko's reflections

Veliko, a young self-advocate from Bulgaria, attended the Zero Project conference in Vienna with Lumos at the end of February 2015.
He was one of the young people who gave a presentation about his own experiences of Inclusive Education. This is what he told us about his experience of the conference: 
"I was very happy that my presentation was successful. It was important to me that at the end of our presentations we met other people from Bulgaria who are working on projects for people and children with disabilities in my country. 
I was very impressed with how accessible the conference building was for people in wheelchairs. The UN building was entirely wheelchair friendly and I even saw a man in a wheelchair who was with his support dog. I think that this would be impossible in Bulgaria.
I created a Lumos plaque, which I gave to Lumos CEO Georgette Mulheir. “This is more than an Oscar” she said when I gave her the plaque, which I made at school. I found her words really touching."
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